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How Much Caffeine in Chai Tea

How Much Caffeine in Chai Tea

A lot of people love to drink tea. On many occasions, teas are served as a complimentary and recreational drink in events, dinners, and other get together.

You can also use it to help treat medical conditions, as there can also be what they call herbal tea.

A tea is made from the infused and dried leaves crushed together, and by pouring hot water, it dissolves and transfers the flavor.

There are a wide variety of teas that you can choose from, and one of these is the Chai Tea.

What is Chai Tea?


Chai Tea is made out of black tea, usually with milk and sugar applicable to your taste. Chai tea is also known for the term “Masala Chai,” and it emerges from the country of India.

Do you love drinking tea? Especially the Chai Tea? Do you ever wonder how much caffeine is in chai tea? In this article, you will know the caffeine level of chai tea.

Caffeine level in the Chai Tea

If you are wondering if drinking chai tea is a replacement for your coffee to avoid the caffeine, well, you might be wrong.

Most of the teas, mainly chai tea, consist of different caffeine levels, a lot more low than the coffee, but it still contains caffeine. However, herbal teas are the only exceptions for caffeine.

As mentioned above, chai tea is made from “black tea,” which is incorporated with caffeine.

The caffeine level of your chai tea would depend on how you prepare it and what kind of chai tea you are using.

These are the factors that would affect the caffeine level of your chai tea or masala chai:

* Every black tea differs in its caffeine level. There are brands of chai tea that consist of 67 mg of caffeine, and there are also brands that only include 25 mg of caffeine.

* The proportion of tea spices in a chai method can also affect the caffeine level of your chai tea

* The brewing method that you use in your chai tea can have an effect to increase or decrease its caffeine level.

The more you decrease the steeping process, the caffeine level may go down from 80% to its original level.

Have you ever heard of Traditional Chai Tea? According to some experts, a traditional chai tea may consist of 50 to 100 mg of caffeine.

However, if you opt for decaf chai tea, you may also try chai syrup. Chai syrup does not contain any caffeine; it is only a flavoring alternative if you want caffeine in your tea.

So if you are thinking of replacing your cup of coffee every morning with chai tea, well, you can do that.

Chai tea can be an excellent alternative for a cup of coffee as it can give you the kick and energy to start your day.

Advantages of drinking chai tea

Even if the chai tea consists of 50 to 100 mg caffeine level, there can also be an advantage to drinking this.

We listed below all the advantages you will be looking for when drinking chai tea.

1. It refines and enhances your heart health

Studies are proving that drinking chai tea can improve your heart health. Black tea, which is the main form of chai tea, and cinnamon which is the primary ingredient of chai tea, are known to reduce cardiovascular diseases and help in maintaining blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and cholesterol.

2. Good for improving the digestive system

Ginger and pepper are included in the chai tea. These ingredients may help improve your digestive system and have a regular bowel movement.

3. Makes you energize and be alert

As we have mentioned, chai tea can be an alternative for your daily cup of coffee. With its caffeine level of 50 to 100 mg, it will surely energize you for the rest of the day.

4. Healthy for your brain

Chai tea can boost the way your brain functions, and it would also help you concentrate and focus.

5. Good for your immune system

Because ginger is included in chai tea, it has a good effect on maintaining a healthy immune system.

6. Relieves period pain, headaches, colds, sore throats, muscle pain, and nausea

Did you know that a cup of chai tea can help you soothe all of the pains that you may feel? Yes! Because the chai tea’s versatile ingredients can relieve all of these with just one cup of chai tea.

7. Can help to strengthen your teeth

According to studies and experts, black tea is proven to be good for our teeth. It has different amalgam ingredients that would help fight bacteria in our teeth and lessen the development of plaques.

8. A great way to lose weight

We all want a quick way to lose weight without doing those exercises. Luckily, a cup of chai tea can help you to lose weight.

Chai tea is served with milk, which is known to have protein. Protein will help you to lessen the hungry feeling in you.

chai tea

Alternatives to Chai Tea

If you cannot find chai tea in your local stores, here are the alternative teas you may substitute for chai tea.

Below is the list of great alternatives for your chai tea

Kombucha– is also a black tea that usually goes with sugar. It can help you with digestion problems and will also increase your energy.

Green Tea– One of the well-known tea in history. It has different healthy ingredients that will surely be an excellent alternative for chai tea and coffee.


Tea, being one of the oldest drinks developed in the early years, we can say that the tea we have now has evolved in many different ways.

You can acquire many health benefits by drinking teas, primarily chai tea.

We hope this article helps you find how much caffeine is in chai tea, the benefits of chai tea, and the alternative teas you can drink.

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